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Tradition and Innovation,, Fours et Réfractaires has become your heat Architect. Building on its past it contributes to developing your future!

From liquid metal to castings, SAS becomes a partner capable of working to stringent quality,
speed and precision demands to meet your requirements.

With  Fours et Réfractaires, get to know all about Refractories, Heat Treatment and
Heating resistances again.

A tailored service for your Furnaces and refractories projects
We offer a personalised support service to ensure that we are always able to best meet your

A family-run company, an industrial organisation

Created in 1934 by Henri Garreau,  designs and manufactures refractory products for cast iron, iron and aluminium melting.

We can support you to produce and process your parts by offering innovative solutions.

We accompany you throughout all steps in your project, from tailored creation to maintenance.


 remains to date a company whose entire capital is held by members of the founder’s family.

Since 1934, an inventive and innovative company!

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Company creation by Henri Garreau.

The company designs and manufactures refractory products for cast iron and aluminium foundry.


Cornering of the refractory products market by introducing new products and fitting techniques using gunning machines designed in-house.


Broadening of the product range to dry products for electric furnaces.


Oil crisis, the foundry world is damaged by the disappearance of 50% of all French foundries. The company undertakes a profound alteration of its production tool.


The company opens onto new refractories businesses, with the expansion of its activity to heat treatment.


Design and creation by the company of the first heat treatment furnace.

Development of a thermal engineering department.


ISO 9002 certification issued by AFAQ for the manufacture and distribution of refractory products


Initiation of an active partnership with SEVA (SAINT GOBAIN) for the development of special glass baking furnaces.


Development of a siliceous product application prototype.


Manufacture of 6 aluminium melting furnaces, one of which with a 45-tonne capacity.


ISO 9001 V 2000 certification.


OTTO JUNKER representation for induction aluminium melting and heat treatment furnaces.


Agreement with I2R for the distribution of silicon carbide and MoSi2 resistances.

Expert in refractory products: morethan 20,000 tonnes produced eachyear

Refractory products remain the core of SAS’ business, whose 85 years of experience in this field makes the company a specialist.

We specialise in defining our customers’ needs to optimise the best refractory product in the right place.
Specialist in the manufacture of refractory products, promoting the quality of its raw materials.
Specialist in the application of its own refractory products.

Our refractory products

Our industrial furnaces: from the automotiv industry to the space sector

In response to its customers’ specific needs,  can manufacture furnaces or
complete processing lines, fitting perfectly into an existing manufacturing process
thanks to an excellent understanding of its customers’ industrial environment.
Having already successfully met the requests of customers in the automotive,aerospace, mining and cosmetic industries, offers you its know-how!

Heating resistances: design, creation and maintenance.

Whether metal or ceramic, the resistances are designed to last.
Made from Fe Cr Al or Ni Cr, in wire or strip form, whether coiled or hairpin, les résistances
métalliques metal resistance are made to measure to complete efficiency.
Whether SiC or MOSi 2 works with I 2 R, the market reference.

Our resistances

Our furnaces and refractories company in a few figures

Of the French foundry market are customers.

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including the biggest industries


of floor space in Nanterre


DO engineers

20 000T/AN

refractory products


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Our quality process

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  • Strong personal involvement and training
  • Close technical partnership with our customers
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Traceability

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