Silicon carbide (SiC) resistances

We have partnered with the company I²R to offer you their STARBAR® silicon carbide bars for all relevant uses.

Operating temperatures of up to 1700 °C can be used, depending on the application.

Power flux densities are 5 to 10 times higher than with conventional metal resistances.

Our sales team is available to answer all of your questions, feel free to contact us.

Examples of MoSi2 resistances with various shapes. Straight, 90° or 45° angle, multiple branches

STARBAR® SiC resistances

A large number of STARBAR® silicon carbide resistances are available. Our experts are ready to assist you in defining the model best suited to your needs.

Discover a few SiC resistance examples in the images and do not hesitate to ask us for the technical data sheets.

Our sales team is also available for any information or price enquiries. Contact us.

Accessory for SiC resistances

We are pleased to offer accessories for installation and electrical connection of silicon carbide elements:

  • Insulating parts for wall passage
  • Stainless steel pins and washers
  • Aluminum connection braids
  • Refractory steel clamps

Contact us for more information and do not hesitate to ask us the specifications of the accessories for SiC elements.

Exemple d’accessoire et d’utilisation des résistances SIC