Our metal electric heating resistances

Metal electric heating resistances are made from a resistive nickel-chromium (NiCr) or iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) strip or wire.

The maximum operating temperatures are:

  • 1250 °C for the NiCr alloy
  • 1350 °C for the FeCrAl alloy

Our main creations are:

Coiled wire resistance

The resistance consists of one or more coils or “rays” connected by bridges.

At each end, the outputs may be:

  • Single wire
  • Twisted double or triple wire
  • Rod, with or without end thread

The areas of application are diverse:

Hairpin resistances can be used with various types of support:

  • Fitted onto smooth or threaded ceramic tubes
  • Bracket-mounted
  • Inserted into ceramic parts with grooves
  • Partially embedded into concrete or fibrous material

We can make the ceramic holders suited to your needs, along with more elaborate assemblies.

Contact us and/or request the technical data sheets for our metal heating resistances.

Hairpin wire or strip resistances

The resistance consists of a series of waves. It is fitted at each end with outputs for cold connections

The areas of application for hairpin resistances are also varied:

  • Thermal treatment furnaces
  • Glass furnaces
  • Continuous annealing lines
  • Indirect bath heating
  • Galvanising furnaces. . .

Contact us and/or request the technical data sheets for our hairpin heating resistances.