A complete range of INDUSTRIAL FURNACES

In response to its customers’ specific needs, can manufacture furnaces or
complete processing lines, fitting perfectly into an existing manufacturing process
thanks to an excellent understanding of its customers’ industrial environment.

Thanks to our research and development team, we are able to stay at the cutting edge of technology in order to meet the market’s increasing demands concerning melting time, pouring temperature, thermal efficiency, along with reduced maintenance costs.

offers a wide variety of furnaces, along with complete processing lines, in
order to meet all of your needs. In addition to aluminium melting/holding furnaces,
we can manage the creation and maintenance of Cell furnaces or Batch furnaces, along with special models such as vacuum furnaces, or glass melting furnaces.

Special furnaces

fours speciaux

Thermal treatment furnaces

fours thermiques

Alu smelting/holding furnaces

Furnace renovations

renovation fours

Special furnaces

Our design office is capable of adapting industrial concepts to requests for special furnaces, or furnaces highly specific to exceptional applications.
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Thermal treatment furnaces

For the past fifteen years, creates tailored thermal treatment furnaces to provide personalised support to its customers.

We can create both gas furnaces and electric furnaces.
 contributes to the drafting of its customers’ specifications, assisting them with their strategic choice of the heating system best suited to their needs.

Aluminium smelting/holding furnaces

designs and creates aluminium smelting furnaces for aluminium foundries
and refiners.
is also able to work on all types of furnace for annual rehabilitation of refractories. (Striko, Gauchi, Botta furnaces, etc.)

Furnace renovation

In addition to designing and implementing new linings,   can renovate older linings using effective and rapid techniques.
Working in collaboration with large-scale industries, we strive to address energy consumption issues, in particular by optimising the energy balance of smelting or thermal treatment furnaces during our renovation work.

offers both preventive renovation and curative maintenance, such as furnace
wall repairs.