Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) resistances

We have partnered with the company R to offer you their MOLY-D® molybdenum disilicide heating elements. We are the only company to offer you these very high-quality resistances to best meet your needs.

The maximum operating temperatures are:

  • 1700 °C for the MD-31 grade
  • 1800 °C for the MD-33 grade

Power flux densities are higher than with conventional metal resistances.

MOLY-D® resistances available in various diameters and shapes.

The following standard sizes are available: 3/6, 4/9, 6/12, 9/18 and 12/24 mm (hot part Ø / cold output Ø)

We are here to help you select the product best suited to your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your spare parts, installation or repair needs.

Examples of MoSi2 resistances with various shapes. Straight, 90° or 45° angle, multiple branches.

MOLY-D® MoSi2 resistances

We propose a broad range of MOLY-D® molybdenum disilicide resistances. Our team of specialists can assist you in defining the model best suited to your needs.

For further details, you can view the MoSi2 resistance technical data sheets.

Our sales team is also available to provide you with any explanations you may require and to give you our prices.

Accessory for Moly D resistances

We can support you throughout your project; we offer the accessories required for fitting and connecting Moly-D resistances

  • Insulating pass-through parts
  • Stainless steel support pins and washers
  • Aluminium connection braids
  • Heat-resistant steel clamp collars
  • etc

Whatever your needs, we can offer you a pertinent solution. Contact us and feel free to download the technical data sheets for MoSi2 resistance accessories.