Resistances and heating elements suited to industrial processes

 Fours et Réfractaires offers a broad range of heating resistance that conform to the demands of industrial processes.

Thanks to its extensive experience, our team of specialists helps you complete your new projects and optimise the productivity and maintenance of your existing equipment.

In order to meet specific needs, has opted to manufacture its own electric resistance. Do not hesitate to check our catalogue..

We have also partnered with I²R for the distribution of Silicon Carbide and
MOSi² resistances.

A design office, along with a stock of materials, allow to be reactive
and effective in responding rapidly to its customers’ demands.

In addition to resistances, we create ceramic support parts, either
individually, or mass-produced.

We also have qualified technicians capable to fitting the resistances onto your facilities.

Metal resistances

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SIC resistances 

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Glow plugs and tubes

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Heating slabs

Metal heating resistances

Our design office can offer you the alloy, power flux density and geometry best suited to
your application.
Depending on the situation, we can propose coiled wire resistances, hairpin
resistance or hot glow plugs.
In addition to design and forming, we can also fit the heating elements to your facilities.
Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your spare parts, repairs, rework or new
equipment needs..

Silicon carbide (SiC) or silicon carbide bar resistances

 Fours et Réfractaires has exclusive representation rights on the French and Benelux markets for STARBAR® silicon carbide heating elements made in the United States by I2R.

The term “silicon carbide bar” is also commonly used.

These resistances are known for their ability to be used at higher temperatures than
metal resistances.

Our sales team is available for any information or price enquiries. Contact us!

Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi 2 ) resistances

Fours et Réfractaires has exclusive representation rights on the French and
Benelux markets for MOLY-D® molybdenum disilicide heating elements made in the
United States by I 2 R.

Known for their properties essential to certain projects requiring very high temperatures, this type of heating resistance is inescapable.

We are available should you require any additional information.

Electric glow plugs and radiant tubes

Our design office and workshop can design and create electric radiant tubes for
vertical or horizontal operation.
These consist of an electric hot glow plug inserted into a heat-resistant steel or silicon carbide (SiC) tube.
The plugs and tubes can be sold either together or separately, as required.
Thanks to our know-how, we are able to create high-quality hot glow plugs while optimising costs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for your stock or for new equipment. More information on
the glow plugs and radiant tubes page.


Thanks to our efficient and flexible production tool, we can design and create all types of
ceramic parts, part holders, heating element holders and other types of ceramics.

Heating slabs

Made from refractory concrete with high-performance conductive properties, our
heating slabs are very effective.